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Quiché, Guatemala 
Through our partnership with Salud Que Transforma (Health that Transforms) we are training medical first responders in over 25 communities and have an active central clinic in La Perla.  As a part of this ministry we are also providing water filters to the local community. Through our partnership with local church leaders trained in the AGAPE ministry we have opened doors to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of the small communities.

Medical Clinic (Community health initiative)
Community health requires a cooperative effort involving the community and the existing health care providers regardless of their level of training. We do not want to replace those who have a desire to serve the medical needs of the communities. We want enhance their abilities and training so that we can work in partnership. The foundation of our work is a medical clinic and training facility that is being built in the community of Chel. This building is an example of this cooperation. The land came from local community leaders, the building is being built by the community and volunteers from the U.S., and the equipment is being donated by U.S. and Guatemalan sources. Enhanced medical care, specialized medical clinics, and traini
ng for health care workers will be provided for over 30 com
munities from this facility.


Water Filtration Project (Community Sanitation Initiative) 
Although Guatemala is blessed with abundant water, in rural mountain villages water conditions are very poor. Rivers are used for bathing, washing clothes, and for dumping wastes. Indoor plumbing does not exist. Due to a lack of training in health and sanitation, many people in these areas do not u
nderstand the danger of drinking contaminated water. Our Water Filtration Project has been placing simple water filters in the homes of leaders in the churches to demonstrate the health benefits of pure water. The program includes training in Biblical principles of health and the proper use and maintenance of the filters.