Get Moving Together


Welcome Bikers!

Biking is an enjoyable experience that can be relaxing or extremely challenging! In the mountains of Quiché, Guatemala it is a physical challenge to get around. Although we haven't seen bicycles in this rough mountainous area, for kids to access a middle school education after primary school, it is as challenging as biking uphill. When we started Run:Hope in 2015, less than 10% of students were continuing on to middle school in the communities we served. Run:Hope is helping change that and by biking with sponsors, you can help open paths to education in Quiché, Guatemala.  

Our bike captain for the race on September 14th is Eric Carey. Eric learned to ride a bike on the rooftop of our church in New York City at age five and has been riding ever since! While living in Guatemala, he got into mountain biking. Saturdays find him either biking on trails or working to help park rangers clear or develop trails in western mountain Maryland. To keep things in the family, Rick and Deb will serve as hosts for this event day. When you register, check to receive text updates that will keep you up to date on all race details!

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